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  • #boudoir #pinup #sexy #sexyphotos #vday #valentinsday #scranton #bestgiftever #giftideas 570-877-2829 www.scrantonboudoir.com
  • #boudoir #pinup #sexy #sexyphotos #vday #valentinsday #scranton #bestgiftever #giftideas 570-877-2829 www.scrantonboudoir.com
  • #boudoir #pinup #sexy #sexyphotos #vday #valentinsday #scranton #bestgiftever #giftideas 570-877-2829 www.scrantonboudoir.com

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#boudoir #pinup #sexy #sexyphotos #vday #valentinsday #scranton #bestgiftever #giftideas 570-877-2829 www.scrantonboudoir.com



#boudoir #pinup #sexy #sexyphotos #vday #valentinsday #scranton #bestgiftever #giftideas 570-877-2829 www.scrantonboudoir.com

Pinup Girl


#boudoir #pinup #sexy #sexyphotos #vday #valentinsday #scranton #bestgiftever #giftideas 570-877-2829 www.scrantonboudoir.com


Photo Shoots

#boudoir #pinup #sexy #sexyphotos #vday #valentinsday #scranton #bestgiftever #giftideas 570-877-2829 www.scrantonboudoir.com

Blue Jean Bombshell

Photo Shoots

Sexy photo shoots to make him drool!

Ever think "Where can I get sexy photos taken of myself?" Our studio is a safe, friendly, and relaxed environment where you can have those sexy photos taken for that special someone.

First we would like you to know that we will never post your images online or use them in advertisements without your written permission. Any of the images you see here or on our Facebook page are of women who gave us permission to post their images.

The women you see here are of everyday women, actual clients. In fact, we have only used four aspiring models for images on our page.

#boudoir #pinup #sexy #sexyphotos #vday #valentinsday #scranton #bestgiftever #giftideas 570-877-2829 www.scrantonboudoir.com
Winner of 2013 98.5 WKRZ Get Sexy For Your Guy contest.
Listen to Rocky and Lisa in the mornings.

What are Lipstick Photos?

Lipstick Photos of Scranton are a celebration of sexy with various photo shoots, designed to bring out the sexy in you. It's to celebrate a milestone in your life, like a significant weight loss, beating cancer, or overcoming a difficult time, or just looking great at your age, embracing yourself the way you look now!

You may be looking for a special romantic present for your husband or boyfriend with a boudoir photo shoot.

You may wish to give your new husband a book of sensual intimate images of yourself for a wedding present on your wedding night with a bridal boudoir session.

You may want to get a couples intimate boudoir session with you and your partner in sensual provocative photos

You may want some artistic photography of parts of your body with tattoos on them. You can display these images of your body art in your home, with no face showing no one will know its you, but just think it's a beautiful images.

Your session can be a Boudoir (bedroom setting), Lingerie, Bikini, Classic Pin Up, Body Art or a Theme of your choice. Our shoots are very tasteful and done at your comfort level. After getting to know you from our phone or email conversations we get an idea of what you're looking for in you photo shoot and why you're doing the shoot. We understand that you maybe be a little nervous being in front of strangers in your underwear and posing in sexy poses. One of the reasons we give an hour before the session for makeup and hair (if you're getting hair done) is to help you relax and get settled into our studio. Our makeup artist has 30 years of experience in the makeup industry and will help you relax. She can make anyone relax.

We are a female and male photography team Sand and Ed. If you know the name Your Pixel Perfect, then you know we are professional and personable with excellent customer service.

#boudoir #pinup #sexy #sexyphotos #vday #valentinsday #scranton #bestgiftever #giftideas 570-877-2829 www.scrantonboudoir.com
Winner of 2014 98.5 WKRZ Get Sexy For Your Guy contest.
Listen to Rocky and Lisa in the mornings.

Ed, helps you pose correctly for your photo session. He will explain posing techniques and the reasons why we want you to pose a certain way, and how we want you to interact with the lighting and camera.

Sandi composes your images, edits your images and designs your book. She has a artistic eye that will bring out your best sides.

Ninety percent of the time a woman will be doing her shoot to give her boyfriend or husband sexy photos as a gift. In many cases ladies want a unique present of tantalizing images of themselves to give their partner on a birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day or Christmas. Bridal Boudoir is a very popular gift to give their new husband on their wedding night.

However, you may have another reason for wanting a glamorous, alluring photo session. You may want to do a Classic Pin Up photo session to have an artistic piece to hang on a wall in your home. You can do a Body Art photo shoot to show of your art in an tasteful display of revealing portraits.

Calendar sessions are a fun way to present your other half with a sensual and playful photo shoot. They can be themed photo sessions like boudoir, classic pinup, lingerie, bikini, comic book characters, or what ever your imagination can come up with. You can do a Sugar and Spice Calendar Shoot which is an 8 hour photo shoot and has up to 13 outfit changes, 4 hair styles and 4 makeup looks.

These shoots can take place in our studio, your home, a beautiful hotel suite, poolside, or any other place you’d like. Use your imagination. This is your session and we want it to be all about you. Once you book, we will send you tips and information to help you prepare for your shoot. Have wardrobe questions? We can help answer them.

We will be scheduling mini sessions throughout the year. Let us know if you’d like to be added to our mailing list.

If you are looking for something to share with your special someone, or just something for yourself, give us a call and we can help you build a package that suits your needs.

Pinup Photo Shoot

Click on image for samples #boudoir #pinup #sexy #sexyphotos #vday #valentinsday #scranton #bestgiftever #giftideas 570-877-2829 www.scrantonboudoir.com
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