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Love you guys, I'm always sharing your posts and telling my friends about you guys.


Sandy and Ed, you guys do AWSOME work. Thanks to you and Jennifer and Monica for making me look great on my 40th....the pics are awesome!!!


Had SO much fun today at Your Pixel Perfect, can't wait to see them all and possibly do it again! :)


OMG the pics are amazing thank u so much I never knew I can look like that lol it was a great experience. It was so much fun and u and sandy are the bestest lol xoxo thanks again

Ashley (98.5 WKRZ 2013 Get Sexy For Your Guy contest winner.)

Thank you again for such a wonderful experience Ed, Sandi & Monica! My fiancé absolutely loved my photos!! Asked where the rest of them were lol. His face was priceless  Thank you all so much again!


It will be a year that I did my photo shoot.....still love them just as much!!

Shhhhh Can't say who.

Thanks so much. It was lots of fun. I'm sure you guys are very busy. I absolutely love it!!! Can't wait to see the rest and I will direct most of my friends to your site to see them ;0) I'll probably just leave my kid's school teachers in the dark. lol


Thank you. I had so much fun. I love them
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