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What are you looking for in your session?


Boudoir, Classic Pin Up, and our other sessions are a way for you to spice up your relationship. The images are very tasteful and appropriate. They make a great gift for Valentine's Day, Birthday or Anniversary. Bridal Boudoir is also very popular as a gift on the wedding night.

We have some preset sessions that you can chose from but you may also request your own type of session. Tailoring a session for you may add some extras charges but it is a way to get what you desire in the images.

Our categories are meant to encompass the most common photo shoots that women are looking to give and what we feel their other half, be it male or female, would like to view.

Boudoir Sessions

Our boudoir photo sessions are staged in a bedroom setting. Boudoir is French for bedroom, so the images involved in a boudoir shoot are of that theme.

Classic or Modern Pin Up

Pin Up shoots are a blast to do. We recreate some of histories iconic pinup ladies. Google classic pinups by the ladies that made it famous, Bettie Mae Page, Ava Gardner, Betty Grable, Jane Russell, Lana Turner, and Marilyn Monroe. Pin up girls were painted on the side of B52 bombers in WWII which they became famous for. Classic hair dos, big flowers in the hair, an apron, and not much more to cover you, that is still a sexy photo to this day.

Lingerie photo shoots

You've seen those commercials and thought "she ain't got nothing on me". Well here is your chance to prove it. Let that inner model out and show them what you've got. Get your hottest lingerie out or buy some new ones. We will light you up and capture images that will make him smile.

Swimsuit Model

Sunsets, sandy beach (local but we will travel at an additional charge), underwater. Model off your swimwear and let us design a calendar for you to give your lover.

Designer Photo Shoots

Themes are our way of letting you design your own session. The theme can be anything tasteful, just let your imagination do the talking. Some ideas would be a French Maid, or Cowgirl.

Tattoo Art Portraits (Samples are in the designer portfolio)

We love tattoos and love shooting them. A black background, one light, and deep shadows will show off the lines in not only your body art, but also the canvas it's on.

Military Boudoir and Pinups (Samples are in the designer portfolio)

Being a former soldier and having many family who have served we understand the importance of keeping their heat close to home when they can be so far away. It mean a lot to get mail in the military so imagine sending special sexy images from time to time of your sexy boudoir or pinup photo shoot. You could send them a book full of your images so they can keep you always in their dreams.

Calendar Photo Shoots

Any session can be designed into a calendar but a calendar shoot is designed for a calendar. If you are looking for a calendar as a gift let us know so we can schedule the right package for such a gift. Our sugar and Spice Calendar shoot is designed to showcase a different look for each month and includes a cover image. 13 outfits, 4 hairstyle and 4 makeup looks take a while to shoot, which is why we schedule it for 8 hours. We supply lunch and snacks to keep you going. We don't want you running out of steam.

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