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Boudoir and Classic Pinup Photography in Scranton PA #pinupgirls #sexyphotos 570-877-2829

Boudoir parties are something that isn’t really new to our studio, but maybe something not really promoted. That is about to change. Boudoir parties are great for a group of friends getting together to have fun. Maybe one of the group is getting married and this is her bachelorette party. Maybe one of your friends is moving away, and this is a good-bye party. A friend is hitting a milestone age, whether it be 20, 30 40 or older! Or maybe you just haven’t spent some quality girl time with your friends and you are looking for an excuse. These are all great excuses to get together for a boudoir party.

Now that we’ve established that you want to do a party, lets go over the details! The most important one is that all party goers must be over 18 and out of high school. If you look questionable, we will card you, so come prepared with ID.

To qualify as a party you must have between 3 and 5 guests, including the hostess. Each girl must pay her $50 session fee in advance to hold her spot. Hostess doesn't pay a session fee.

Why host a party?

Boudoir and Classic Pinup Photography in Scranton PA #pinupgirls #sexyphotos 570-877-2829

As the hostess of a boudoir party, you will get a few perks of hosting the party.

Your session will be free.

You choose the set or the theme for the party. Do you like pinup or boudoir?

You will also get incentives for each level of sales that you achieve for your party.

At $1000 in sales, you will receive a 12 month calendar.

At $2000 in sales you will receive a complimentary full boudoir or pinup session.

Any product or sessions booked and paid for by the time your party closes (typically two weeks after your party) will count towards your sales.

Boudoir parties can be a lot of fun and a great way to get together with your girls and hang out.

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Included in the session fee

1 designed set – this means all of the girls in the party will use the same set whether it be a bed, a couch or whatever we come up with.

1 outfit per girl. We do not supply the outfit. Each girl brings one outfit for their mini session.

20 minute session per girl

Pose coaching – We do not just stand you in front of a camera. We will help pose you so you look your best (aka, slimmest).

Once all of the girls complete their mini session, we will take you into the proof room. We’ll have pizza waiting for you. You can hang out, laugh, talk and have a good time. We will quickly get your proofs ready for you to view. We will go through each girl’s images discussing options for her as we go.

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